Thursday, January 8, 2015

Resigned or Reserve

It has come to our attention that Sandra Reid is allegedly still sworn at the sheriffs office as a reserve deputy.  Did she not submit her resignation on the day she was arrested in Greensboro for shoplifting?  That sure is what the sheriffs office told the media.  Why would she still be on as a reserve deputy if she really resigned?  We also have information that she has allegedly been using Maynard's key card to access the courthouse after she "resigned".  She lost her own key card before she "resigned" and never picked up her new one.  What business does a former employee have at their old workplace?  Isn't there a policy in regards to letting someone else use your access card?  We have been told that she supposedly comes to the courthouse, enters through the employee entrance and then goes wherever she pleases without question, even after hours when the courthouse is closed.  That key card gives her access to anywhere in the courthouse she would want to go.  Clerk of courts, judges chambers, you name it.  How secure is it, for a former employee to be able to enter the courthouse, without being searched or scanned with the metal detector?  Why should she be allowed to go and sit in her old office and then leave?  Or how about the day she used the card to access the judges secure parking area, only to pull in and then leave.  Its like she wants to show her power, and still intimidate the other employees.  It is truly amazing at what the Reids are allowed to get by with.

We are sure that the plan is to bring her back after her court case is over with.  Why else would she still be on reserves, still have issued equipment, and have access to county property?  Maynard Reid is just trying to pull the wool over our eyes yet again.  He has also supposedly filled all those 13 spots from the fired deputies, yet no body has seen any new hires.  Keep a look out for recently fired Montgomery County sheriff Dempsey Owens and other Montgomery county deputies that were probably promised jobs.  We don't know how much longer Maynard will be around as sheriff, and know that the republican party is already looking for a replacement.  There may not be much we can do to get him out, but the dirty deeds and immoral, unethical acts done by himself and anyone under him dumb enough to follow his lead, will not go unnoticed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


It  has come to our attention that sheriffs wife, Sandra Reid, was recently charged with shoplifting in Guilford County.  She was allegedly switching price tags on items while at four seasons mall in Greensboro.  Here is the link from Greensboro PD listing her name and charge.

You will have to change the search date for 12/11/2014 and then cycle through the pages to see her name listed.

Why on earth would someone making over $50,000.00 a year who is also married to a man that makes nearly $100,000.00 a year be trying to shoplift?  You would think that being she is a high ranking Lieutenant with the sheriffs office that she would know better.  We wonder how many times she has done this and got away with it.  Maybe the GD sheriff (as he likes to call himself) can help her sweep this under the rug, we are sure that he will not be firing her.  It appears to all be unraveling in Randolph County and this is just the beginning. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fox 8 Link to Story

Above is the link to the story that fox 8 aired this evening.  Maynard showed his true spineless character again by not speaking with them and saying that he did not have to explain himself.  What a coward.

Sheriff Reid Swearing In

Just wanted to share what Maynard had to say at his swearing in ceremony, just in case it disappears.  We don't know how 26 deputies are considered to be just a handful, and we all know that probably none of them will be allowed to go on to other jobs in law enforcement due to dirty politics.  He said that some were not pulling their weight.  What about Maynard's wife pulling her weight?  Oh that's right, she must be doing that from her house while making over $50,000.00 a year of tax payer money.  He said that Dempsey was only there to support his wife who works at the jail, and that he has not promised him anything.  It will be interesting to see what Maynard has to say if it is found out that Dempsey is working for Randolph County as a deputy.  We don't think it will be easy to hide Dempsey.

The following is directly from the courier-tribunes website and written by Chip Womick.

ASHEBORO — Sheriff Maynard Reid’s third four-year term began Monday.
Sporting a blue blazer and a red bow tie, Reid took the oath of office from Superior Court Judge Brad Long in Courtroom 4A of the Randolph County Courthouse. Reid’s wife, Sandy, who is also lieutenant with the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, held the Bible.
A few minutes later, in Courtroom 1A downstairs, District Court Judge Jimmy Hill administered the oath to dozens of deputies — officers and jailers employed with the sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s office employs 235, most of them sworn officers, but the number also includes civilian employees.
Reid spoke briefly after taking the oath.
“It is an honor and a privilege to be sworn in as your sheriff for a third term,” he said. “I know there’s been some controversy batted around but it’s over. We’re going to carry on and do the people’s business as we have the last two terms.”
Several former deputies were not re-sworn on Monday. Those individuals were notified by letter last week that their services would not be required in Reid’s new term.
Online postings on the social media site Facebook placed the number of deputies who lost their jobs at 26. Reid declined Monday to give a specific number, but said that it was “a small handful of people.”
“Every person who works for a sheriff knows that it’s a four-year job,” he said.
The decision not to terminate some came, he said, after a top-to-bottom review of his personnel found that some “were not pulling their weight.”
“There were various reasons — that was just one of the reasons,” he said. “This is done every four years throughout the state.”
According to state statute, sheriff’s deputies “serve at the pleasure of the appointing officer.” In Randolph County, that is Sheriff Reid. In North Carolina, employment is “at-will,” which means that, with certain exceptions, an employer may dismiss an employee at any time without explanation or legal penalty.
Among the Facebook chatter generated by the situation is speculation that former Montgomery County Sheriff Dempsey Owens is going to be hired for one of the vacant posts. Owens was at Randolph County’s swearing-in ceremonies on Monday. Reid said Owens was there to support his wife, Pamela, a lieutenant at the Randolph County Jail who has been a sworn officer in Randolph for many years. “I have not promised Dempsey anything,” Reid said.
The sheriff noted that the deputies were not fired.
“This whole thing has gotten blown out of proportion,” he said. “I’ve got a handful of officers that, for whatever reason, I chose not to re-swear certain officers. By not re-swearing them, it gives them a chance to go to another agency and maybe do a better job or do something that they are better suited for.”

Friday, November 28, 2014

County Commissioners Meeting

Below we have posted some information pertaining to the commissioners meeting that is going to be held Monday the 1st of December.  It would be great for as many people that wish to go, to show up and support your local deputies.  The first 15 minutes of the meeting is open for public comment and each person will receive 3 minutes.  Please be courteous and refrain from foul language when speaking to the commissioners.  We do not know at this time how much the commissioners can do with the situation.  NC is an at will state unfortunately and each deputy works at the pleasure of the sheriff.  However, the commissioners do have to approve the continued employment of the sheriffs wife, whom we are sure Maynard will promote and give another pay raise to soon, padding Maynard's pockets even more.  Organization is key to any success.  Hope to see you all on Monday.

Board Meetings
The County Commissioners meet on the first Monday of the month for regular business meetings and zoning hearings. The meetings are held at the 1909 Randolph County Historic Courthouse Meeting Room, 145-C Worth Street, Asheboro, NC 27203, unless otherwise posted. (Driving Directions The meetings are open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend.
Pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 153A-52.1, a Public Comment Period will be held at the beginning of every regular business meeting of the Randolph County Board of Commissioners. Any citizen wishing to address the Board is invited to speak. Please see the Board’s adopted rules of procedure for more information.  View Rules of Procedure for Public Comment Period. pdf

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We here at Fed Up wish that it was a happy day, but for several hard working deputies, it is not.  Maynard Reid is at it again, this time firing several deputies at one time.  We had planned on staying out of the spotlight when it came to Randolph County politics, but this is crazy.  It looks like most of the deputies had been employed at the sheriffs office for over 10 years and some close to 20 years.  What kind of man does this to employees and their families, especially during the holiday seasons.  Most of these deputies even helped work the polls and helped politic for Maynard during the election.  So now that he has won the election, he does not need them anymore.  We all knew the kind of monster he was and continues to be, but to fire 10% of the sheriffs office is not just questionable but somewhat makes us judge his mental state.  How much is this going to cost the taxpayers?  It is not cheap to hire, train and outfit just one deputy, let alone over 20.  We saw during the election that many deputies that were supporting Maynard were telling everyone to vote for Maynard Reid so we do not lose our jobs.  That worked out real well, didn't it.  The election is over and we are stuck with this geriatric tyrant for at least another 4 years.

Its a shame that he did not add his wife to the list.  We have been told that she has supposedly been absent from work for almost 11 months now, yet allegedly still receives a paycheck.  How is this possible?  We know that her sick time and vacation time has got to be exhausted, yet they say that she is working on cold case files from her house.  What?!  Maybe the commissioners will look into this and maybe, just maybe give her the boot this go round.

What about Dempsey Owens, the sheriff of Montgomery County who just lost the election?  We have heard that Maynard is supposedly going to hire Dempsey and put him over the inmate transportation for the courthouse.  It just so happens that one of the deputies he just fired was in that position.  Convenient for Dempsey, and his wife who also works at the Randolph County jail as a lieutenant

Well, we just want to let those affected know that we are praying for you all.  The coming months will not be easy for any of you.  Maynard is sure to have blackballed each and every one of you, so getting a job anywhere will not be easy.  We think that its time to fire back up the presses here at Fed Up.  We write for those who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they are so frightened, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves.  We are taught that silence will save us, but it will not.