Friday, April 18, 2014


After much thought we have decided to take down all of our posts.  We started this blog to try and open peoples eyes to the problems with our local government.  I feel that we have lost sight of the real goal in mind.  I have been in law enforcement for the past 30 years, retired in fact from local law enforcement.  I have since moved from Randolph County and also the state of NC.  I have been gone from here a couple of years now and I am not in touch with things as I once was.  This blog has brought alot of trouble for people that truly had nothing to do with it.  I feel that it is in the best interest to just let the people of Randolph County make their own minds up on who to vote for.  I know that many of you believe that Mr. Hicks is behind this blog, but you are sadly mistaken.  You also think that it is from a disgruntled, fired deputy.  You couldn't be farther from the truth.

A few years ago a deputy did in fact come to me with the idea for a blog like this and after hearing what they were going through and seeing it first hand in my years there, decided enough was enough.  Maynard Reid is not perfect by any means.  He is not the same man he was before he was elected sheriff.  His men and women used to look up to him, and some still do.  I believe that he has let power get to his head and ruin a good person.  Eric Hicks is also not perfect. He does however have alot of good ideas and is very motivated to make positive change for this county.  Both candidates have their strengths and weaknesses.

This decision does not come easy.  I have been told of former deputies not being able to get jobs because of  rumors that they are involved with this blog somehow, among other things.  If you only knew, it would blow your mind I'm sure.  I knew this election was going to get very heated, and it has.  I just feel this blog is no longer worth the trouble it has caused for the innocent people.  The citizens of Randolph County know the truth.  It is up to them to open their own eyes and see the big picture.  The deputies of the Randolph County Sheriffs Office are some of the best you will ever know.  It is not their fault that bad politics gets in the way of them being able to perform their duties.  I am sorry if any of them were offended by this blog.  It was as much for them as it was for anyone else.  Please know that this does not come from any threats by Maynard or fear.  I make this decision based solely because I do not feel that it is needed anymore, and maybe it never was.

I would like to thank the supporters of this blog and also say that there is hope.  I may still come back and chime in on some things.  To the citizens, never give up, make you're vote count no matter who you decide.  To the deputies and officers, also never give up.  We all took an oath and I know that many of you still believe in helping people and take the job very seriously.  No matter who is sitting in that corner office, you are the backbone of the agency.  Without you, there would be nothing.  Stay the course.  Be diligent in your duties and stay safe out there.  10-42